In the soul of Nature, you will find the nature of your soul - G.G. Jampolsky

Creating from Nature

Leadership Development in it's purest form!

Leadership Development Experience

Welcome to "Creating from Nature".

Creating from Nature is a unique combination of a Leadership Program, a Leadership Journey and a Vision Quest. We have designed this four days program carefully for managers, entrepreneurs and professionals, who are ready to boost their leadership skills and amplify their impact in life.

In this program you will learn to create from Nature; yours, others and mother nature. You will encounter the unexpected and learn to navigate through change. You will learn from and with others, in a small (international) group. You will spend five days mostly outside in the majestic nature of Stavanger area, Norway.

Being in nature and away from your daily life will empower you with insights and tools to strengthen your leadership and to enrich your life.

"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better" - Albert Einstein

We are looking forward to co-create this unique experience with you.

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Warm regards,

Gabby Staal
Bent Rune Sinnes