In the soul of Nature, you will find the nature of your soul - G.G. Jampolsky

Creating from Nature

Leadership Development in it's purest form!

Program outline

  • The program starts on Thursday in Stavanger and ends on Sunday afternoon, also in Stavanger. On the first day, around noon we will take the ferry into the majestic Lysebotn fjord. From there on we will co-create the journey together with you and the other participants. 
You will pass along beautiful places like Preikestolen and Kjerag. You will walk through mountains that never seem to end. During the day we will work intense on improvement of your personal development. Exploring the impact a changing environment has on you and on the group. We will deepen your learning with specific enquiries about your life, work and leadership. These enquiries will give you insights about your life purpose, values, fears, limiting beliefs and potential.

This is not a survival! 
You will learn to be more alive. We will travel by boat, bus/car and walk (you don't have to carry all your luggage all the time). You will sleep in cabin logs and small tents. Whilst we travel, you will lead the group. You will co-create from what we encounter and discover the magic of co-creation in relationships and teams. Specific (team and individual) exercises will give you instant feedback about your leadership skills, impact and where to improve.
You will also spend quite some time alone in nature and part of the journey is an individual Vision Quest!

Expected outcomes
We expect these five days to be a life changing experience for you, where you will learn more about your true Self and lead from there. You'll become more alive, self-centered, authentic, passionate and energized. You will learn to be aware of your impact and, as a leader, take full reasonability for that. You will learn to navigate through change and deal with the unexpected. You will learn to 'read' and create atmosphere in relationships and teams, and discover the magic of co-creation. Above all, you will expand your range and grow as a leader in your work and private life!

More info?!
We bet you will have lots of questions. Don't hesitate and contact us today!

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